THE painter's tape for sharp paint lines!

Get THE painter's tape, FrogTape®! Your investment is worth it, because the result is just stunning: super clean and crisp paint lines! Because there is no paint bleed when painting with FrogTape®.

This makes painting fun and creates pleasure for a long time!

No matter if you're moving, renovating or paintig walls, ceilings, areas, floors in your house, office or outside: With FrogTape® you'll have fun painting because the results are incredibly crisp and clean.

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For a variety of smooth
and slightly rough surfaces.

For delicate surfaces.

FrogTape® works with a colour blockade!

Where other painter's tapes apparently are cheaper and in most cases still do have a bit of paint bleed, FrogTape® instantly blocks! As soon as water, paint or other liquids try to come under the tape, the patented PaintBlock® technology instantly gels and forms a micro-barrier. In this ways it creates a blockade in no time and creates clean, crisp paint lines.