A wall with a diagonal design

Bring a breath of fresh air to your home and choose something a bit far-out! With a few tricks from us and the help of FrogTape® it could not be easier to create a diagonal line across your whole wall. The advantage: there are only a few steps and the result will look great.  
For this you will need:

  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • Wall paint
  • String
  • Tacks


Step 1
First put a tack in the top corner of the wall and then another in the opposite bottom corner. Now you need to attach a piece of string to the two tacks to make a diagonal line.


Step 2
Now carefully stick FrogTape® Multi-Surface along the piece of string, from one corner to the other.


Step 3
Use your fingernails to smooth the edges of the adhesive tape which will later come into contact with the wall paint.


Step 4
Remove the tacks and the string at this stage. Since most holes occur in the upper section of a wall, this design is a good opportunity to freshen up a wall without having to paint the lower section.


Step 5
Now paint the section of the wall where you want to see the new colour. In our example we applied two coats.


Step 6
Whilst the paint is still damp you need to carefully remove the FrogTape® and then leave the paint to dry for a while.


Step 7
You can repeat the whole process on the opposite wall to make the whole room fresher and more colourful. Being a bit off the wall can be fun!