Create geometric patterns

Geometric patterns on the wall can give your room a modern touch and also highlight your furnishings. We’ll show you how you can create such patterns really easily yourself with FrogTape®.

For this you will need:

  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • FrogTape® Delicate Surface
  • 3x foam paint rollers (15 cm)
  • 3x paint brushes
  • 3x paint trays
  • Paper towels
  • Stanley knife
  • Ladder


Step 1
Begin by masking off your wall with FrogTape® Multi-Surface. This step ensures that all the elements which you don’t want to be painted are covered up. So carefully mask off plug sockets, skirting boards and ventilation openings. You can now use the same adhesive tape to make geometric shapes on the wall. Use a plastic spatula to really press every strip of adhesive tape down firmly and smooth flat. This is important so that the FrogTape® adheres evenly and stops any paint bleed.


Step 2
When you have completed Step 1 you can confidently apply the first colour. We decided on a jade green, which looks great but unfortunately needs three coats! But don’t worry: whilst the first coat of jade green is drying you can already start on the next masked off area (in our case black).


Step 3
You can add a little water to your paint tray to make the paint smoother. It’s best to work from left to right and distribute the paint evenly. On smaller surfaces in particular, you should try to paint an area without interruption. This results in a unified appearance. Make sure you have paper towels in reach now that the paint is thinner.


Step 4
Now gradually add all the paint colours to the individual surfaces and make sure you leave enough time for the coats to dry. As soon as the first geometric elements appear even and ready you need to remove all the FrogTape® Multi-Surface adhesive tape carefully and promptly. When you remove it please take care to do so at as shallow an angle as possible.



Step 5
When both the jade green and the black sections are dry you can apply FrogTape® Delicate Surface to the sections of wall that have just been painted. Even if the colour sections are already dry, we still advise you to use the fine FrogTape® Delicate Surface . This is the only way to make sure that the colour lines remain clean and sharp when you remove the tape.


Step 6
Now you just need to add the last colour and remove the remaining FrogTape®. And now it’s finished: your very own geometric wall!