FrogTape® How To

Step 1
Apply the FrogTape® along the edges of Wall A.
Right at the spot where it meets Wall B.
In this example, it is the surface of Wall B which is to be painted.
Step 2
Secure the adhesive tape by pushing it down firmly with your fingers and ensure
that it is optimally applied to every nook and cranny.

Step 3
Run a soft rubber spatula over the whole of the adhesive tape,
to make sure that the FrogTape® is really firmly and closely applied.
Step 4
Now apply the desired colour along the edge of the adhesive tape.

Step 5
Paint the rest of the wall in the desired colour.

Step 6
Remove the adhesive tape whilst the paint is not yet completely dry. If the coat of paint is already completely dry, carefully run a sharp knife (a Stanley knife is ideal) along the edge of the adhesive tape.

Step 7
Slowly and evenly pull off the adhesive tape at a 45° angle.

And that’s how you achieve sharp edges on your wall!