FrogTape® on woodchip.

Sharp paint lines without any special technique

In order to achieve sharp edges on textured surfaces such as woodchip, you need a particularly good painter’s tape or an excellent technique.

With the help of FrogTape®, no special technique is needed for lightly textured surfaces such as fine woodchip or fine structures. A beautiful result with clean, sharp edges is possible with just a few tips. The best way to use the tape on these types of surfaces is to secure the adhesive tape by pushing it down firmly with your fingers and check that it is optimally applied to every nook and cranny.

The gap between the various textures of the surface and the tape should be as small as possible in order to be certain to avoid paint bleed. That is why we recommend you do a test area before masking off the whole room.

Step 1

Clean your painting surface and make sure it’s free from dust and dry. Secure FrogTape® by pushing it down firmly with your fingers and ensure that it is applied to every nook and cranny. Ideally use a tool to make sure that it’s really firmly applied.

Step 2

FrogTape® is designed to work with emulsion paint.

Step 3

After painting, remove the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle while the paint is still wet.

Where can I buy FrogTape®?

FrogTape® is available in all major DIY stores on site and online.